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    Alina Pitman

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    Bill McNamara

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    Briana Yesilli

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    Dan Waterloo

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    Deborah Brown

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    Ethelbert Williams

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    Gail Ludewig

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    Giordana Mahn

  • Head of Growth

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    Isaac McCoy

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    James Waring

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    Jennifer Micek

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    Luis Andrade

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    Mark Litton

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    Maureen Wozniak

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    Michael Smith

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    Shilpi Kumar

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    Sinan Hao

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    Susan Dawson

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    Troy Henikoff

  • 3D Printing
    Prototype and iterate quickly with various printing technologies

    [3D Printing] General Information

  • Cold Metals:
    Where we turn stock into chips

    [Cold Metals] General Information

  • Electronics lab with the tools to create and test electrical components.

    [Electronics Lab] General Information

  • Finishing Lab
    Clean, surface, and coat work.

    [Finishing Lab] General Information

  • Hot Metals Lab
    Welding, grinding, plasma cutting, and torch work.

    [Hot Metals] General Information

  • Laser Cutting Lab
    Prototype quickly in wood, plastic, or metal with laser cutting

    [Laser Cutting Lab] General Information

  • Plastics Lab
    Cold work and hot form plastics.

    [Plastic Lab] General Information

  • Software & Cadd Stations
    Workstations and software access

    [Software/CADD Stations] General Information

  • Testing Lab
    Lets get you tested

    [Testing Lab] General Information

  • Textiles Lab
    Work fabric, leather, and paperboards.

    [Textiles Lab] General Information

  • Woodworking Lab
    CNC router and powered manual tools for prototype work in wood and plastic.

    [Woodwork Lab] General Information

  • Water Work Lab
    Welcome to Waterworld, lets get you some flippers

    {Water Work Lab} General Information

  • Member View

    1 Tone

  • Min. Material Thickness: 1/8"
    Max. Material Thickness: 3"
    Max. Material Width: 31"

    16" Drum Sander

  • 1871

  • 3HP Motor
    20" Disc

    20" Disc Sander

  • 2112

  • Member View

    3BI Concept Inc

  • Member View

    3D Hubs

  • Scan 8" dia. x 12" height View

    3D Laser Scanner

  • Alumni View

    3D Snapshot

  • Member View


  • Alumni View

    3S Advisory Group

  • 4 Channel

    4 Channel Oscilloscope

  • 4 Star Electronics

  • Alumni View

    57st. Design

  • A & A Magnetics Inc.

  • A&C Plastics

  • A&E Plastics, Inc.

  • A.M. Precision Machining

  • Full Service Turnkey Manufacturing, Wholesale, View

    A.W.T. World Trade, Inc.

  • A.W.T. World Trade, Inc.

  • AAcoa Extrusions

  • Acc Electronix

  • Partner View

    Accenture The Forge

  • Account Executive

  • Accumation, Inc.

  • Accurate Metal Fabricating

  • Accutech Mold & Machine Inc

  • Action Pump Co.

  • Building/Facilities Manager View

    Adam Milich

  • Adam Spector

  • Adams Steel Service Inc.

  • Decreasing the per-part cost of industrial additive manufacturing View

    Additive Monitoring Systems

  • Indesign
    Premiere Pro

    Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Advanced Flexible Composites Inc.

  • Advanced Industrial Controls Group

  • Advanced Metal Works

  • Advanced Molding Technologies

  • Advanced Prototype Molding

  • Soldering Irons for assembling your electrical components

    Advanced Solder and Rework Station

  • Agora Leather

  • Ahh Towels - Product Marketing Manager

  • Member View

    Aile International

  • Aimtron

  • Aimtron

  • Air Electro Inc.

  • Member View


  • Textiles, Stock and custom suede, Automotive Fashion, Fashion, Consumer Electronics and Fashion View


  • Venture Development Associate View

    Alex Lambert

  • Inactive View

    Alicia del Real

  • All Electronics Hardware

  • All-Rite Spring Co.

  • Allied Electronics & Automation

  • Alumni View

    AllKinds Studio

  • Alumni View


  • PCB Design Software View

    Altium Designer

  • Aluminum Shapes LLC

  • Alwin

  • Alumni View

    Amber Agriculture

  • Amber Agriculture Full Stack Software Engineer

  • Amber Agriculture Junior ECE - Customer Operations

  • Amber Agriculture Junior Software Engineer

  • Amber Agriculture Technical Support Engineer

  • America II

  • American Aluminum

  • American CNC

  • American Industrial Company

  • American Molding Technologies

  • PCB population, Surface Mount and Through hole, Engineering, Quality Control, Box Builds and Fulfillment View

    American Precision Electronics (APE)

  • American Standard Circuits

  • AmeriStar mfg

  • Alumni View

    Amper Technologies, Inc.

  • Member View

    Analog Airwaves LLC

  • Member View

    Analog Life LLC

  • Member View

    Analog Life, LLC

  • Managing Partner, Cleveland Avenue View

    Andrea Zopp

  • Andrew Kaczkowski

  • Applications Development Intern

  • Helping Music Industry companies create smart connected devices and apps View


  • Member View

    Aquamox, Inc.

  • Arbortech Corporation

  • Area 51

  • University Partner View

    Argonne National Laboratory

  • Arno Rouse

  • Arnold Magnetic Technologies

  • Member View

    Arnstone Products Inc

  • Arntzen Corp.

  • Arrow Aluminum Castings

  • Arrow Electronics

  • Five Years Out View

    Arrow Electronics

  • Ascent Integrated Technology - Arduino Engineer

  • Ascent Integrated Technology - Arduino Engineer (Intern)

  • Ascent Integrated Technology - Full Stack Engineer

  • Ascent Integrated Technology - Full Stack Engineer (Intern)

  • Assembly Tables

  • Astro-Craft Inc.

  • AstroGlu, LLC

  • Member View

    ATOM Ventures, LLC

  • Alumni View

    Autobon AI

  • Sixteen 2020 Titles in this Collection

    Autodesk Product Design and Manufacturing Collection

  • Automation Equipment Technician

  • Automation Plastics

  • Automation Systems Mechanical Engineer - Project Manager

  • Avnet

  • Avnet

  • aw | studio

  • Member View

    Axial Case

  • Alumni View

    Axis Automation

  • Alumni View

    Azul 3D

  • Backend Engineer

  • Member View


  • Max. Material Thickness: 6"
    Throat Depth 13-5/8"
    93.5" Bandsaw Blade

    Band Saw

  • Bank of America

  • Barbara Goff

  • Inactive View

    Barbara Goff

  • Barrington Automation

  • Member View

    Bathtub Genie

  • Baxter

  • Belt: 48"x6"
    Disc: 12"

    Belt/Disc Sander

  • Director of Corporate Development View

    Ben Berlin

  • Manual Pick and Place Machine for making single SMT boards

    Benchtop Pick and Place Station

  • Batch Reflow Oven
    tray size: 250 mm x 200 mm
    Standard and Custom Heat Programs

    Benchtop Reflow Oven

  • Berry Global

  • Berry Plastics Corp.

  • Bestmetal Corp.

  • BestProto

  • Member View


  • Alumni View

    Beyond Design

  • Director of Hardtech Development View

    Bianca Thai

  • Bid on

  • Alumni View

    Big Fish Innovations

  • Co-Founder and VP, Innovation Services View

    Bill Fienup

  • bisco industries

  • Member View


  • Dream it. Plan it. Build it. View

    Bit Space

  • Member View

    Bit Space

  • Aluminum Oxide
    Fast material removal

    Blasting Cabinet

  • Blue Ridge Industries, Inc.

  • Member View


  • BME or Physics Graduate

  • Boardman Molded Products, Inc.

  • President, RW Ventures, LLC View

    Bob Weissbourd

  • Member View


  • Member View

    Borish Electronics Inc.

  • 700 Watts, Max thickness:
    Carbon Steel 0.25"
    Stainless 0.125"
    Aluminum 0.125"

    Boss 700w Metal Fiber Laser Cutter

  • Member View


  • Member View

    Bow Tied Wood

  • Member View