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VCarve Pro

Vcarve Pro is easy to use CAM toolpathing software geared towards 2D router work

You can download the VCarvePro trial software here. Once installed, if you enter the mHUB makerspace key that follows, you will be able to bring your VCarve file to the shop and create a toolpath file that can run on the Shopbot. To enter the code below click on Help-> About VcarvePro Trial Edition -> Enter Makerspace ID


Think of VCarve Pro as a tools for sign makers and wood workers. It is mainly 2D, or 2.5D. It has basic drawing ability and good toolpath ability. Turn to Fusion 360 for very good 3D modeling tools and excellent tool pathing tools. F360 does have a steeper learning curve.

Find the vCarvePro tool file (.tools) with our standard set up in our six tool changer on the equipment page. Your project can utilize any bits you see fit, but you will save time and trouble if you use the standard bits that are set up in the machine. In the software, you will import this set of six tools into the tool library.

    • Vcarve Pro mHUB standard tools library

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