Skill Development

Programming and Resources Tailored for Physical Product Developers

Innovators in physical product development face a two-fold challenge: developing a functional product, and also the business model to bring it to market and scale. mHUB programming is designed with these challenges in mind. We are dedicated to supporting member companies in navigating the path to commercialization.

From peer learning and mentorship, to classes and workshops, entrepreneurs have access to dynamic educational programming centered on business building and launch. Additionally, our technical staff and partners help members solve prototyping challenges, train on equipment and invest hours in one-on-one time to help aspiring entrepreneurs turn their idea to sketch, and sketch to functional prototype.





  • Community: Harnessing Member Knowledgebase

    We leverage the depth and breadth of skillsets in our community and the collaborative nature of our members to facilitate programs that lift each other up. Member ideation sessions support a member of the community that would like to brainstorm on a problem, a design, or an idea. Pitch practice workshops bring members and colleagues together to provide direct feedback and guidance. Our members only mixers and social events connect the community and bring folks together. Learn about our member companies here.

  • Supplier Network

    Located in the most diversified manufacturing economy in the US, mHUB strives to provide our members with direct connections to manufacturers and suppliers within Chicago, Illinois, and the Midwest at large. This continuously growing and evolving list is used to support our vision for the Fourth Industrial Revolution: What's Created Here is Made Here. 

  • Shop Equipment & Staff Support

    mHUB's prototyping shop is the product developer's dream. With more than $6M in prototyping equipment and dedicated technical staff onsite to support new and seasoned innovators we are here to support our members in any stage of product development. In addition to our wide range of equipment, we have a covered dock for large shipments and a budding microfactory for onsite low-volume production runs. Learn more about the various equipment available at mHUB here

  • mHUB Curriculum

    mHUB's stage-based curriculum arms entrepreneurs with the fundamentals of developing a hardware physical product and turning that product into a sustainable hardware business. Through a variety of workshops and accompanying online resources, founders are able to navigate the stages of development and business -- Discovery, Delivery and Growth - and gain a practical understanding of customer discovery, product design, development and launch, fundraising, and growth/scaling. 

  • mHUB Mentorship

    mHUB mentors accelerate business development and growth. The mentorship program connects entrepreneurs with business and industry leaders with extensive experience in manufacturing innovation and cutting-edge technologies in addition to business development, sales and marketing, legal and financial sectors. Whether the entrepreneur has the technical expertise or the business experience, mentors help fill the skillset gaps and share knowledge on building and selling a product.

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