Our Team

Members of the mHUB team come from a range of backgrounds, but share a passion for supporting physical product entrepreneurs and manufacturers in Chicago's tech innovation ecosystem.

  • Lanise Beavers

    Community Impact Program Manager

  • Josunda Bradshaw

    Member Engagement Coordinator

  • Marcy Capron

    mHUB Expert in Residence, Entrepreneurship & Product Management

  • Karthik Chandramouli

    Expert in Residence, Supply Chain

  • Virginia Chiu

    Operations Manager

  • Geoffrey Clark

    Prototyping Shop Technician

  • Paul Cushman

    Entrepreneur In Residence

  • Bob Daniel-Wayman

    Engineer In Residence

  • Cieana Detloff

    Digital Marketing Manager

  • Luiz Diaz

    Accounting Associate

  • Mary Doctor

    Programs and Engagement Coordinator

  • Haylee Gemeiner

    Senior Marketing Coordinator

  • Alex Lambert

    Venture Capital Manager

  • Max Lang

    Membership Engagement & Sales Coordinator

  • Elizabeth Lemos

    Accounting Manager

  • Katherine Maskel

    Program Manager, MedTech Cohort

  • Joe Moseley

    Growth Marketing Coordinator

  • Jarol Rendon

    Community Engagement Program Manager

  • Emily Salgado

    Event Coordinator

  • James Stewart

    Technical Sales Associate

  • Michael Sundermeier

    Program Manager, Climate & EnergyTech Cohort

  • Charles Traut

    Prototyping Shop Technician

  • Thierry Van Landegem

    Executive Director, Climate & Energy Tech Accelerator and Smart Manufacturing & IIoT Accelerator

  • Jennifer Villa

    Prototyping Shop Technician

  • John Welin

    Shop Director

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