Fusion 360

Fusion 360 is a solid modeling program with CADD/CAM/Rendering/Drawing/Simulation/Mesh Editing/Surface editing features.

Fusion 360 is a solid modeling program with CADD/CAM/Rendering/Drawing/Simulation/Mesh Editing/Surface/PCB Board editing features.


Download: https://www.autodesk.com/products/fusion-360/free-trial 

Licenses: Students 3 years free. Hobbyist free (w/ limits). Entrepreneur or start up free (w/ application approval). License Overview

First Video to Watch: https://help.autodesk.com/view/fusion360/ENU/courses/AP-DESIGN-INTENT-TOP-DOWN-VS-BOTTOM-UP-RULE-1 

Tutorials & Getting Started: https://www.autodesk.com/products/fusion-360/get-started

Fusion 360 Design Intro: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbfH2CEQX7li1w7-pbnXh2RlaCwYmsXhY 

              From Sketch to bodies, explained.

Fusion 360 CAM Intro: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbfH2CEQX7liAtFb58Qfo_7rSTRWTfvvs 

Vendor Tool Libraries https://cam.autodesk.com/hsmtools how to use those tool libraries https://www.harveyperformance.com/in-the-loupe/hsm-fusion-tool-libraries/ 

Classes are offered every Tuesday at 1:30pm

For tool libraries available please look under particular machines web page

Asset library team available upon request. Please fill out this form https://mhubchicago.com/form/3237


    • Fusion 360 Aluminum CAM Templates
    • Fusion 360 Tool Libraries
    • Tormach 1100M

      Toramch 1100P

      Tormach Lathe

      Roland MDX-50


      Updated 1/5/22

    • Tormach 1100P Mill Training File
    • To utilize this please purchase the stock package from the shop store. 

      Tooling is set up for the 1100P but can be adjust to work on 1100M. 

      Proposed work holding is for an orange vise utlizing mitee bites. 

  1. Download the Templates for Fusion 360 from the mHub website 
  2. In Fusion 360 preferences make sure Cloud Libraries are enabled
  3. Open Fusion 360's Data Panel
  4. In Fusion data panel scroll down to Libraries -> Assets -> CAM Templates
  5. Click Upload and select all the templates provided


      6. To utilize, in your setup file in CAM right click and select "Create From Template"


  1. Download the tool library for Fusion 360 from the mHub website 
  2. In Fusion 360 preferences make sure Cloud Libraries are enabled
  3. Navigate to the tool library
  4. In the tool library right click on cloud and import tool library, selecting the tool library you downloaded from the mHub site

Once you have requested (through the member portal) and gained access to the Fusion 360 Shared Assets Team Hub you will have access to a vareity of assets that will help you in protoyping your product. These assets range from machine models to work surface layouts and work holding models. Anything you change in the Shared Assets Team Hub affects everyone else who has access to those files, so you should not modify them while they are in the Shared Assets Team, but only once you've exported and imported them into your personal hub/team. To import/export follow below.

1. Navigate to and open the file you wish to export. Go to the main file dropdown and select export.

2. In the drop down make sure to select the best format for where you plan to upload the file (if utilizing in Fusion 360, export as .f3z file). Select the location you wish to export to.

3. Once files are exported open the team you wish to upload the file into (either your personal storage are or a team you are a part of)

4. Navigate to file-> upload-> select a specific project for the file to reside.

5. Click upload and you now have a file you are free to modify

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