mHub Fabrication Services Quote

mHub Fabrication Services Quote

This form is to get a quote for having mHub staff fabricate/build/cnc your design or prototype. Please allow 1-2 days for a response. This is not a guarantee of acceptance of work.

Limitations of work:

CNC: Tolerances of .005"

Laser Cutting: No single piece larger then 3'x4'

Vacuum Forming: No larger then 22"x22"x10"

Finishing: No painting, no polishing

  • If other, please add to question above explaining your project

  • If you have a CADD ready in Fusion 360 model share it to

  • If other, please add to question above explaining in depth your project
  • Please attach any relavent files, Examples; Shop Drawings/Schematics, Material Specifications, BOM, CADD Fikes, etc. If file not accepted please zip and reattach If system will not accept file type please zip the file and try attaching again. If sharing a fusion 360 file please attach a notepad document saying so.

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