Looking for 1:1 skill training (starting with 101).

Hello mHub,

My name is Ari, I signed up recently. You can see me with a black laptop near the Membership desk almost every day.

I'm looking for someone to teach me any of these skills:

- Wood working, including basic woodworking skills and tools;
- Metal working, including turning, drilling, and other basic skills. I want to learn to use the lathe;
- Electronics, starting with electronics 101;
- Leatherworking;
- Plastics skills, like injection molding or any other plastics-related skills;
- CNC, wood and metal.

I took mHub intro classes in wood and metal, but that's all I know about any of this. I envison 1:1 sessions, about 30-60 minutes long.


I can do any of the following work for you in exchange:

- 3D modeling, either for 3D printing or for marketing/pitch deck/fundraising renderings or animations;
- Adobe Illustrator graphics;
- Product renderings or animation, for marketing/fundraising, etc.

  • Company Name: Self
  • Compensation: See post
  • Location: Onsite
  • Duration: < 3 Months

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