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Small Metals Bench
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Small Metals Bench

Small Metal Casting Bench
Heating up your small parts
Propane Torch, Steel Ladle, Refractory Bricks, PPE

LabSmall Metals Bench
SafetyBeware of hot objects
Area PurposeSmall metal heating, casting, annealing, and tempering
Trainings By Help SessionRequired, All equipment requires shop training by help session.
Material LimitationsNo wood or flamable materials
LocationLocated on the western edge of the building, near the fiber laser, besides powder coating
Accessories and ToolingSteel Ladel, Refractory Bricks, Propane torch heads, Leather Gloves, Face Shield, Apron, Tempering Oven
Recommended ConsumablesGas supply is members responsibility
Shop Staff Contact

Quinn Campbell:

NotesThis area is not for large-scale casting or foundry work, just small heating of parts and materials.

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