Kingpin 88 Evenheat Metal Clay Kiln - Hot Metals Lab
Kingpin 88 Evenheat Metal Clay Kiln
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Kingpin 88 Evenheat Metal Clay Kiln

2000F Deg

Machine TitleKingpin 88 Metal Clay Kiln
SafetyBeware of hot surfaces, always use gloves, never leave anything flammable on top or around the machine.
Machine PurposeHeat, fire, harden, temper and treat metals, clays
Training necessary1 on 1 Checkout with shop staff
Material Limitationsno plastics
Working Dimensions8" deep x 8" wide x 6" deep .22 cubic feet
Software or File TypeSet-Pro controller
Notes2000 deg F, 1093 deg C max, controller programmable to step and ascend/descend at a programmed rate.

    • Set-Pro (programmable controller) User Manual

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