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Resin Casting Bench
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Resin Casting Bench

Casting Bench
A place to cast your plastic parts
Vacuum Chamber, Pressure Chamber, Drying Racks

LabResin Casting Bench
SafetyBeware of chemicals, heat, and skin contact with caustic chemicals. Always wear proper PPE for the process you intend to use.
Area PurposeThe making of castable parts (non-metal)
Trainings By Help SessionRecommended, please contact any shop staff member for training involved with equipment
Material LimitationsNo wood or flamable materials
LocationLocated on the western edge of the building, near the fiber laser, besides powder coating
Accessories and ToolingDrying Racks, Pressure Chamber, Vacuum Chamber, Vacuum Pump
Recommended ConsumablesAll casting supplies are the responsibility of the member
Shop Staff Contact



Please clean up after yourself and be aware of spills or dripping materials.

Parts drying and curing should be kept in the racks rather than on the bench

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