[Woodwork Lab] General Information - Woodworking Lab
[Woodwork Lab] General Information
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[Woodwork Lab] General Information

Woodworking Lab
CNC router and powered manual tools for prototype work in wood and plastic.

SafetyAlways turn on dust collection. Beware of sharp tools, heavy wood, slippery floor, breathing in dust.
Area PurposeFabrication of wooden parts
Training Regularly Scheduled

Woodwork Equipment in person; schedule a Basic safety training through the member portal.

Trainings By Help SessionSchedule a help session for any equipment you need guidance with. 
Material LimitationsNo Metal
LocationLocated across from the Big Boss CO2 Laser, next to the Dock. 
Accessories and ToolingClamps, chisels, drills/drivers, hand saws, etc
Material for Purchasevariety of sheet goods, hardwood.
Scrap MaterialLocated on cart outside the doors, dispose of all materials less than 12x12 or 2ft long.
Shop Staff Contact

NotesAll scrap must be cut down to fit underneath the cart. All materials stored in temporary storage must be labeled with name and contact information and should be used within 10 business days. Anything not labeled may be used or disposed of.

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