[3D Printing] General Information
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[3D Printing] General Information

3D Printing
Prototype and iterate quickly with various printing technologies

Lab3D Printing
SafetyBe cautious of sharp tooling, hot machine components, as well as chemical hazards.
Area PurposeRapid Prototyping and fabrication of parts with 3D printing
Training Regularly Scheduled (Day)Wednesday, please check the shop reservations page for times and availability
Training By Help SessionUse of Form Labs 3D Printers, additional assistance and advice for 3D printing:
Material LimitationsNo metal 3D printing
LocationThrough the single door near the office bank in the Shared Workspace, beside the UL Testing Lab.
Accessories and ToolingParts washer, scrapers, curing chamber
Material for PurchaseSee pricing for each printing technology. Users are responsible for filament for desktop printers.
Scrap Material
Shop Staff Contact

David Mirkhaef: David@mHUBChicago.com

NotesWhen storing your materials (filaments & resins) please make sure to label them with name, date, and contact information.

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