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Daniel Wang


20 years of business experience in IT service industry. 

If you have one of the following, please reach out to me, we might work together to create a bright future!

1. A great business idea with industry knowledge and resources.
2. Have a great technical background in SAAS, Deep learning, web, app, database, the blockchain, and Robots.
3. Passion for starting a new business.
4. Business problems that you have trouble to solve.

Things I can provide:

1. I am a serial entrepreneur: 20 years' experience in setup, operate, grow a startup company.
2. Business resources, tap into my networks in US/China to help you to validate the idea, reach out resources that you might not have.

3. I started doing angel investing and am a mentor of EO accelerator here in Chicago, 1871, and Nameless Ventures.

    • Business Strategy
    • Fundraising and Investor Strategy
    • Organizational Development and Human Resources
    • Leadership and Team Building
    • Entrepreneur
    • Investor

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