[Finishing Lab] General Information - Finishing Lab

[Finishing Lab] General Information

Finishing Lab
Clean, surface, and coat work.

LabFinishing Lab
SafetyBeware of dust, chemicals, solvents, fumes, and powders
Area PurposeThe finishing stages of your part, post machining.
Training Regularly Scheduled (Day)None
Trainings By Help SessionPowder Coater, Tumbler, Blasting Equipment
Material LimitationsNone
LocationThe western edge of the building, by the double doors to the dock
Accessories and ToolingDrying Racks, Clamp Racks, Set up Table
Material for Purchasenone
Scrap Materialnone
Shop Staff Contact

Quinn Campbell: Quinn@mHUBChicago.com


Powder available is for testing purposes only, not for mass fabrication. Always use the appropriate PPE for the process you are using.

Make sure all parts and components left for drying and finishing are labeled with name, date, and contact information. Anything that is left unlabeled is subject to being thrown away.

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