[Laser Cutting Lab] General Information - Laser Cutting Lab

[Laser Cutting Lab] General Information

Laser Cutting Lab
Prototype quickly in wood, plastic, or metal with laser cutting

LabLaser Cutting Lab
SafetyBe sure to run both ventilation and air assist when you are operating a laser cutter.
Area PurposeCut or engrave a variety of materials with lasers.
Material LimitationsNo PVC, polycarbonate, acetate, and ABS not recommended. 
LocationAdjacent to assembly space, woodshop, and plastic labs.
Accessories and ToolingExpanded metal honeycomb bed, plastic hold downs, and laser cleaning supplies. 
Material for PurchasemHUB has a limited stock of acrylic and wood in various thicknesses. See Shop Staff for inventory prior to purchase.
Scrap MaterialSpeak with Shop Staff to locate available project materials.

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