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Michael O'Brien


My interest in becoming a mentor for mHub comes from my experience as an angel investor. As an investor I have been able to listen to a lot of impressive founders and ideas. I realize the importance of delivering a pitch and articulating your business to an audience that is excited to find the next big opportunity to invest their money in and answering the questions that come from these presentations. Lastly, my manufacturing experience in finance and accounting has taught me to think objectively and articulate the story that is backed by data. I support mHub's mission to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem connecting innovators, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers to accelerate innovation and industry growth in the United States.

    • Advertising/PR/Communications/Marketing
    • Business Strategy
    • Financials: Budgeting
    • Accounting
    • and Risk Management
    • Fundraising and Investor Strategy
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Investor
    • MBA

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