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James Waring


I've been in MedTech for the last 10+ years and held roles in start-ups and corporate enterprises within the engineering, strategy, marketing, and management functions. I've worked on all phases of the product lifecycle from concept development to post-market surveillance. I've also been involved in innovation consulting/processes within these organizations stemming from my formal training in such at Johns Hopkins University for my graduate biomedical engineering degree. In my most recent roles at ResMed (last 3+ years), I've served as an intrapreneur helping kick-start B2C eCommerce medical device businesses in North America, Asia, and Latin America. On the side I love to tinker with 3D modeling, 3D printing, and general maker activities. I also have experience running a Kickstarter campaign from start to finish (though unsuccessful). Ultimately, I love being involved in innovative ideas/products and helping entrepreneurs/thinkers/innovators turn those into a reality.

    • Advertising/PR/Communications/Marketing
    • Business Strategy
    • Design for Manufacturability
    • Financials: Budgeting
    • Accounting
    • and Risk Management
    • Product Design Engineering
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Marketer
    • Mechanical-engineer

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